Women Touched by Addiction is a movement that shines a light on the disease to help remove stigma, empower women, provide education, open conversations, and help to build the resilience needed to move forward.

National Women Touched by Addiction Day is recognized every July 23rd

Join us on July 23rd at 7pm on the Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge in Nashville for music, food, speakers (including former Mayor Megan Barry), and an opportunity to participate in a unifying visual display.

Education and Resources

Addiction is a disease that has a significant impact on the individual struggling, their community, and their loved ones. The effects of addiction are particularly harsh on women. We believe that education is key to prevention and recovery. We have partnered with SAMSHA and Vanderbilt Center for Addiction Research to provide the latest in research and resources. Together we can help combat the stigma of substance abuse disorder. Through the Women Touched by Addiction movement, we hope to provide an understanding that will elicit compassion and support for the women struggling.

Opening Conversations

In the month of July, we encourage women to share a photo on social media where they lift just one finger (have attached finger picture and I will provide some other photos as well) and share their testimony, or just show their support for an entire community of women who have felt the effects of addiction. We hope this will encourage women to seek help, know that they are not alone, and see the resilience women have

Building Resilience

Behind every woman’s journey with addiction is a resilient heart. We want to provide resources for recovery and support that can help women to move forward and know that their past does not define them.